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Give new life to your bending machine Star Technology

Renew your old curvatubi Star Technology, our retrofit process will give new life to your machines allowing you to continue to use them in complete autonomy and tranquility.

Renew your bending machine equipping them with cutting-edge technologies that will make them more performant and long-lasting, at a really affordable price and without the need to buy a new one. 

The assistance and experience of Star Technology s.r.l. will be at your side at every stage of the project. 

Your old bending machine will be transformed through a tried and tested "restoration" process that includes:

Cleaning and repaintingin all its parts

Replacement of electrical equipment

Replacement or repair where necessary of mechanical components

Preparation for Hardware 4.0

Implementation of the software STI Star Technology Interface, a system user friendly that will allow you to turn all your projects into reality