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Industry 4.0





Let's embrace the fourth industrial revolution

Joining Industry 4.0 means to open the door to the future of industrialization. With innovative MES technology and software installed on our machines, you create the connection between your business resources and access the fiscal incentives provided by the Budget Law 2020 that allows to save up to 50% on your investment in tangible assets.

Choose the tube bending machine best suited to your business needs, we'll take care of the rest

Star Technology tube bending machines meet 7 points of transition plan 4.0:

CNC and/or PLC Control

Interconnection to factory computer systems

Remote maintenance and/or tele-diagnostics and/or control systems

Integration with factory logistics system and/or other machines

Simple and intuitive user - machine interface

Modeling and simulation of the process carrying out

Meet the latest security standards



With the 4.0 Transition Plan, with tax credits running until 31 December 2022, you can save up to 50% with the purchase of your new tube-bender and up to 20% if you decide to replace the old software with the new one on your machine.


Easy to use for operator

Reliable and safe, as well-known for many experts

Accelerated tax relief practices