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The Italian quality: our machines are the solution to any bending need


Star Technology produces 4 different types of tube bending machines, which can be customized from 1 up to 14 electric axes, in order to meet any bending need. Thanks to our wide range of pipe bending machines we are able to work every kind of metal, from the smallest medical tube to the large oil pipe. Our solutions are highly customizable and, according to the customer need, is it possible to design special and totally personalized models.

Discover the details of EVO BEND, FULL BEND, HEAVY BEND and FLEXI BEND, choose the most suitable solution for your production. Star Technology will follow you during the design, customization and installation of your pipe bender, ensuring continuous assistance for all the needs of your machine.


 The best price/quality ratio on the market, the perfect entry-level series for those who are approaching the world of tube bending.

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Extreme flexibility in customizing the automation levels of every single controlled axis, for highest production versatility.

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The maximum structural solidity for those who, daily, have to face heavy processing and need extreme performance. In a hybrid or fully electric version.

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Any geometric shape with any material, from copper to stainless steel: with incredibly compact dimensions for the realization of the most complex shapes.

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Special Series

For extraordinary productions, an extraordinary project is necessary. For 45 years, Star Technology has made its history and know-how available to find innovative solution for its customers. The technical solutions adopted for the projects interface through customized motion control axis management systems.

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